I see my readers as the wireless and caffeinated—those who like fast-paced fiction with a bit of quirky wit. Does that describe you? I write suspense because I enjoy exploring the grappling, resistance, perseverance, and transformation that people undergo when faced with extreme circumstances, particularly within a spiritual context.

I married my college sweetheart. Including our dating years, I’ve been with him longer than I was without. I’m not sure how that math works, since I’d swear I was still in my thirties. Oh, there’s something you should maybe know—I don’t math.

God  blessed me with two fabulous kids, one of each. They are each so amazing and sweet and fun that I could gush. Oops, too late. They are almost out of the house now, which is a beautiful and difficult thing. (*I’m not crying, you’re crying.*)

A long time ago I majored in English and Spanish, with a hugely impactful year abroad in Madrid. Missions have taken me to Mexico and Cuba, and I try to keep my Spanish strong. Aunque estoy bastante perezosa. I also earned an MBA along the way, which is kinda funny, since I am so not the MBA type. But it was an invaluable experience that broadened my knowledge considerably and introduced me to fabulous people.

I’m a Silicon Valley copy editor by day. (Yes on the serial comma. Please—is there any real question?) Yes, I’m a grammarian, but I’m the fun kind.

I don’t exercise enough, but I haven’t completely given up on myself, so there’s that.

I’ve written one true line of poetry in my life, and it was about the sea. Born in Seattle, grew up in Olympia, and have been in California since ninth grade, so yeah, pretty much a West Coast, Pacific Ocean girl. Though I have one foot in the Colorado Rockies.

Dark chocolate. Definitely dark chocolate.

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