She’s the last one they’d believe.

Three days ago, Maggie Lehman’s beloved mentor and friend, Jarrett Adams, was murdered on live television. Grief stricken, Maggie traverses a Washington DC under curfew, but when she arrives at the morgue, the body is missing—and her presence is recorded on the security video.

As dawn breaks over the city, Maggie encounters Jarrett on the street—and he’s very much alive. Either she’s gone mad—again—or Jarrett really is back.

While the US loses its grip on democracy, government thugs eager to contain what Maggie knows hound her every step, and the good intentions of a man from her past only tighten the noose. The powerless and bewildered Maggie seeks Jarrett and the return to how things were, but finds she must give up what she wants most to gain what she can hardly imagine.

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“Explosive. Fifty Days is a high-octane thriller full of unsettling conspiracies and mysterious characters who are much more than they seem. Filled with suspenseful action and intrigue, readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats with Vorreiter’s Fifty Days.”

~NYT bestselling author Tosca Lee

Because Fiction

by taking the pulse of Christian fiction


An unnatural silence permeated Zack’s estate. Though the sun had not yet risen, few slept, and the stillness conveyed no peace.

Andy shambled through the halls. A hiccoughing gasp gave him pause outside a bedroom. He leaned toward the closed door. Someone inside sobbed. Fingers spread, he stroked the paneled door. Then he moved on.

Several people had gathered in another room across the corridor. Mostly kneeling on the floor, they prayed. Andy leaned against the door jamb. “Just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are your ways higher than our ways and your thoughts higher than our thoughts,” Beatrice quoted from the book of Isaiah, her voice quavering. A long silence followed. Andy considered joining them, but a stone sat in his gullet. He could lift no prayers. He moved on.

When he reached the top of the stairs, he heard the muted click of the front door. He cocked his head. Silence. He hastened down the curved stairwell but stopped before reaching the bottom. Just inside the massive hand-hewn front door stood his older brother, shoes seeping muddy water onto the marble floor. Payton stared into a full-length gilded mirror. Filthy, rumpled, wild haired—a troll invading a castle.

For a moment, Andy remained too flooded with thought to speak. At last, “Where’ve you been?” He winced at the biting tone in his voice and lowered a step.

Payton turned as if under a great weight. He set his jaw, grizzled with two days of growth. Then dropped his chin to his chest.


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